Tabby Road Déjà Vu Collection

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Expected release date is 17th Jul 2024

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Tula Pink, the renowned fabric designer celebrated for her vibrant and whimsical creations, has once again captivated the crafting world with her latest offering: the Tabby Road Deja Vu fabric collection. This eagerly anticipated line combines Tula's signature style with a fresh twist, promising a delightful journey for quilters, sewists, and crafters alike. Set to release in July, this pre-order opportunity presents an exclusive chance to secure this stunning fabric before it hits the shelves.

True to Tula Pink's distinctive aesthetic, the Tabby Road Deja Vu collection features a playful fusion of colors, patterns, and motifs. Inspired by the charm of a feline companion's adventures, each design within the collection exudes whimsy and imagination. From intricate florals to geometric prints and quirky illustrations of cats, the fabric designs seamlessly blend together to create a cohesive yet eclectic palette.

Crafted from standard cotton, the Tabby Road Deja Vu fabric maintains Tula Pink's commitment to quality and versatility. With a soft hand-feel and durable construction, this fabric is ideal for a myriad of sewing projects, including quilting, garment making, home decor, and more. Each yard showcases the meticulous attention to detail and vibrant colors that have become synonymous with Tula Pink's creations, ensuring that every stitch tells a story.

For enthusiasts eager to get their hands on this highly anticipated collection, a pre-order kit offers an enticing opportunity. The kit includes one yard of each of the eight captivating designs featured in the Tabby Road Deja Vu collection, allowing crafters to indulge in a comprehensive array of options for their projects. By securing the pre-order, customers ensure they will be among the first to receive these coveted fabrics upon their release, guaranteeing an early start to their creative endeavors.

Anticipated to ship in July, the Tabby Road Deja Vu fabric collection promises to bring joy and inspiration to makers worldwide. Whether embarking on a new quilting masterpiece, sewing a statement garment, or adding a pop of color to home decor, these fabrics offer endless possibilities for creative expression. With limited quantities available, securing a pre-order is the surest way to reserve a place in the crafting community's excitement surrounding Tula Pink's latest masterpiece.






The Deja Vu collections are designed to offer a new take on an old favorite. In an effort to preserve the original collection, I have recolored Tabby Road for a new group of quilters. For people who loved Tabby Road when it first debuted in 2012, I offer you a brand-new colorway and a new reworked print! The linchpin of the collection is "Disco Kitty," a pair of fantasy cats in stripes and polka dots. The collection is built around them. I have added a new version called "Club Kitty" scaled up and splattered with nighttime stars in the background. The supporting prints are back with the volume turned way up. I added a prism of colors to some of the original two and three-color prints to give them their own spotlight. I chose Tabby Road for this year's Deja Vu collection for two reasons. The first reason is that I loved this collection and I hope that other people do too. The second reason is to show some love to my cat people. Besties, an all-pets collection that shipped in 2023, largely focused on dogs with a teeny tiny cat print. I am hoping that this will balance the scales. The Deja Vu collections come with an audience that already loves and misses these fabrics but with enough twists and turns to make them fall in love all over again. It is also designed to serve quilters who are new to us and missed these fabrics the first time around. By breathing new life into these long out of print fabrics with brand new colors and some additional extras, I am preserving the original fabrics for the people who have collected them to not devalue their hard earned (or hoarded) collections. Tabby Road Deja Vu is eight pieces presented as one complete colorway for new fans and old friends.