Going Batty Vinyl 12"x47"

Classi Creations

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Introducing Classi Creations' Going Batty Vinyl – a whimsical and versatile material perfect for quilting, sewing, and bag making. This 12"x47" roll of clear vinyl features an enchanting pattern of tiny little bats, adding a playful touch to your creative projects.

The Going Batty Vinyl is not only charming but also highly functional. Its durable, clear vinyl construction provides strength and flexibility, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you're crafting unique quilt designs, creating stylish bags, or sewing innovative accessories, this vinyl offers both aesthetic appeal and practical performance.

Elevate your projects with the delightful and durable Classi Creations Going Batty Vinyl – the perfect blend of fun and functionality for all your crafting needs!